Problem: There are a lot of campaigns that tell us to recycle, but they do not tell us how to properly recycle. Recycling is not as easy as putting a can in a recycling bin, it is complex and confusing at times.​​​​​​​
Audience: Our audience consists of individuals living in cities, age 25-35. They are middle class, and make around 60- 120K a year. Our audience will solely be individuals in Los Angeles, but will expand to other major cities such as Seattle, Portland, and Chicago, as we spread our message.​​​​​​​
Concept: ​​​​​​This is an awareness campaign to inform the public on how to properly recycle and what items can be recycled. The message will be delivered to major U.S. cities through a series of infographics, merchandise, a website, and billboards.
Involvement: I worked with two other classmates on this project over the course of six weeks. We all played a significant role in making this project possible. 
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